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Why Dorius?

Our friends and clients often ask us:

"How do you always come up with new and better solutions?"
"How do you manage to identify the right problem at the right time?"

  • We listen carefully
  • We explore constantly
  • We work thoroughly

    We are always listening to our clients and partners with a lot of attention and we consider that process as one of the most important ones. By doing just that, we can find out what are their needs, intentions and core problems.

    We achieve our goals in an efficient and effective way, thanks to our team harmony. We appreciate the delicate team balance and by helping it grow more, we achieve the same with our projects.

Saga New Frontier Group
Lift Truck Company
Policijska Akademija


which you can create with our help, knowledge and high competence


which you could not see anywhere else


that you can achieve with our professional support


that change the world and make it a better place


that we can build together as partners


that gives a breath of fresh air for new ideas


Our services


Based on a detailed analysis of your current state of business and your needs, our creative design and development team creates an information system or software that will make your business easier and more productive.


We provide consulting services in the field of business analysis and process modeling, information systems development, chatbot development and business intelligence.


We enable software companies to relieve some of their business activities. Outsourcing is the world's leading trend in providing services with greater quality and with the lowest possible costs, while focusing on the main business processes within the companies.


We offer methods, techniques, and tools to identify, discover, analyze, modelling, redesign, execute, and monitor business processes in order to optimize their performance.


The team consists of young design experts. Regardless of whether it is about creating a static or a dynamic website, site branding is guaranteed following the latest world standards.


We integrate data from various sources into unique data warehouses, which result in faster analysis and better reports to users and enable them to make the right decision.

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What we are proud of

Intensity, perseverance and creativity are the key things that our team applies every day. By doing that, we achieve a constant growth in the quality of our services, and thus the growth in the number of satisfied clients. We are proud to have young experts eager for challenges in our team, as well as trusted partners.

Years of experience in helping diverse companies achieve their goals.

Satisfied clients whose problems no longer exist thanks to our work.

Projects with which we gained new experiences as well as new connections with clients..

Awards which encourage us to try even harder and constantly push the boundaries.

Our projects

Most successful



Retail software

A modern web-oriented solution intended for retail. It is adapted to work on most fiscal devices (fiscal cash registers and fiscal printers). You can read more on this link.


Student Internet Service

Student record software

Student records information system. A complete solution that contains all the necessary modules in order to keep records of an educational institution. You can read more on this link.


ADA ChatBot

ChatBot for students of BAPUSS Academy

Intended for students and prospective students for easier access to necessary information, and enabling online payment for common student needs, such as exams, books etc. You can read more on this link.



Forklift tracking software

Provides an overview and detailed analysis of a forklift fleet. It is designed to enable operational and strategic planning of the resources needed by the company in order for the logistics processes to be fully planned. You can read more on this link.


Branch Transformation

Transforming an ATM into a bank branch

Providing new bank transaction services using smart ATMs. You can read more on this link.



Case management software in misdemeanor courts

Organizing technical conditions and implementing a system for data exchange between misdemeanor courts and the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance and the Central register of compulsory social insurance. You can read more on this link.


MIA ChatBot

ChatBot for municipalities of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

ChatBot designed to help citizens recieve detailed information about various services handled by their municipalities. You can read more on this link.


Our team

Milos Kabiljo

Miloš Kabiljo

Chief Executive Officer
Adam Pokrajac

Adam Pokrajac

Chief Technology Officer
Aleksandar Vukomanovic

Aleksandar Vukomanović

Business analyst
Ignjat Ostojic

Ignjat Ostojić

Software developer
Stefan Zizakov

Stefan Žižakov

Software developer
Aleksa Kasavica

Aleksa Kasavica

Software developer


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