Project information

  • Category: Virtual assistant
  • Client: GIZ, NALED, Saga
  • Project date: 2021

Faster the service - greater the pleasure

    One of the main challenges of local governments and their administration is to provide transparent information and efficient services to citizens and businesses that have high expectations from public service providers in terms of easier access and improving the quality of service provided. This project aims to demonstrate the active and functional implementation of chatbot, which will enable citizens to have better, more accessible and simpler procedures in terms of providing information and services. The use of chatbot clearly shows its advantages in terms of availability of services and information, interaction with citizens and their satisfaction.
    The project piloted a fully functional chatbot in 4 local governments in Serbia and BiH that have BFC SEE certificates (Sombor, Šabac, Bijeljina, Laktaši) with the aim of making municipal services more accessible and efficient based on the use of a digital chatbot.